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Precious Metals

We offer gold, platinum group and precious metal analysis suitable for grassroots exploration through to resource estimation and grade control. Our methods are suitable for ultra-trace to bullions, low and high grade material, through to precious metals forming a component of a trace element, finely disseminated grains or nuggets.

Geochemical Analysis

When you are making vital and costly decisions based on data provided from your geochemical analysis, you need consistent, reliable results and fast turn-around. Our team will provide advice on the most appropriate method for your project, both technically and economically, to ensure your decisions are based on accurate data.

Our range of services will meet project needs from greenfields and brownfields exploration through to ore body definition, grade control, and concentrate analysis. Our multi-element packages ensure that each method presents an optimal solution for different sample matrices, target commodity and detection limits.z

Our wide range of multi-element packages ensures each method presents a distinctive advantage for different sample matrices, target commodity and detection limits required.

Specialty Assay

Particularly suitable during exploration, our range of specialty assay services deliver a wide range of geochemical data gained via analysis of surrounding environmental systems and waterways.

Metallurgical Services

For your high-grade materials, we have methods to accurately determine the level of metals of economic interest. Speak with one of our chemists to coordinate the analytic technique best suited for your material.