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We are a global provider of geochemical laboratory services for the exploration and mining industries.

At MSALABS we understand your needs at every stage of the mining cycle – we provide analytical results you can rely on with a faster turn-around-time than you are used to. Our average three week turn-around-time means you can make decisions sooner and your project stays on schedule.



We provide analytical services suitable from greenfields exploration through to mine closure, including sample preparation, a complete range of analytical techniques and construction and management of complete on-site laboratories. We also provide franchise opportunities for high-quality partners across the world.

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  • “It’s good to see MSALABS in Terrace providing some much-needed competition for the incumbent”

    IDM Mining, Canada

What Makes Us Unique

What Makes Us Unique?

3 Week Turn-Around-Time

Responsive, Flexible Customer Service

Track Sample Progress

Expert Advice

Advice to Optimise Your Sampling Process


Franchise Laboratory Management

Global network

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Franchise Laboratory Management

  • Franchise Laboratory Management

    MSALABS provides high-quality management of local laboratories through its franchise services model.

    Services may include design and construction of complete laboratories (including on-site laboratories), implementation of software, systems and processes and complete management of existing laboratory infrastructure.

    Franchise laboratories leverage expertise in local knowledge and environments including geology, minerology and logistical conditions combined with MSALABS global technical knowledge.

Global Network

  • Global Network

    We have a network of nine laboratories globally. Our laboratory locations minimise lead-times for the key mining regions around the world.

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